Call for Papers
Diagnostic decision-making (using images and other clinical data) is still very much an art for many physicians in their practices today due to a lack of quantitative tools and measurements. Traditionally, decision making has involved using evidence provided by the patient's data coupled with a physician's a priori experience of a limited number of similar cases. With advances in electronic patient record systems, a large number of pre-diagnosed patient data sets are now becoming available. These data sets are often multimodal consisting of images (x-ray, CT, MRI), videos and other time series, and textual data (free text reports and structured clinical data). Furthermore, with advances in translational science, biomedical imaging data is being added to the modalities that need interpretation in the context of a holistic diagnosis. Analyzing these multimodal sources for disease-specific information across patients can reveal important similarities between patients and hence their underlying diseases and potential treatments. Researchers are now beginning to use techniques of content-based retrieval to search for disease-specific information in modalities to find supporting evidence for a disease or to automatically learn associations of symptoms and their appearance in imaging. Benchmarking frameworks such as ImageCLEF (Image retrieval track in the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum) have expanded over the past five years to include large medical image collections for testing various algorithms for medical image retrieval. This has made comparisons of several techniques for visual, textual, and mixed medical information retrieval as well as for visual classification of medical data possible based on the same data and tasks.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers in biomedical imaging, medical image retrieval, data mining, text retrieval, and machine learning/AI communities to discuss new techniques of multimodal mining/retrieval and their use in clinical decision support. We are looking for original, high-quality submissions that address innovative research and development in the analysis, search and retrieval of multimodal medical data for use in clinical decision support.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to: