ML-CDS 2019: Challenge

Steps for running the challenge:

  1. Register using this link HERE
  2. You will receive email after verification that contains the box link for the dataset.
  3. Download the respective task dataset from the box link provided.


Lines and Tubes Presence Task

This task focuses on detecting the presence of lines and tubes in chest x-rays. It consists of 5560 images labeled for the presence of lines and tubes. Lines and tubes are present in 3352 images of this set, whereas the rest 2208 images are negative for lines and tubes. The labels for this set of images are organized in a spreadsheet. Upon registration to this task, the spreadsheet can be downloaded from the Box folder link.

The spreadsheet has two columns. The first column contains the image names as they appear in the NIH dataset. The second column has 0's and 1's whether lines and/or tubes present or not in the respective image.

Lines and Tubes Type Detection Task

This task consists of 3552 images where in each image one or more types of lines and tubes are present. This is a multi-label classification problem with 15 different types of lines and tubes, where the participants need to detect the types of lines and tubes present in each image. The spreadsheet for this task can be downloaded from the Box link upon registration.

This spreadsheet has 16 columns. The first column has the image names, and the other 15 columns represent the types of lines and tubes, where for each type '1' means present in the image and '0' does not present.

The distribution of the labels in this dataset is as follows:

Lines/Tubes Type No. of images
Endotracheal tube present 471
Enteric tube present 327
Left internal jugular line present 141
Left picc line present 760
Left chest tube present 61
Left subclavian line present 39
Overlying EKG wires present 483
Right chest tube present 43
Right central line present 89
Right internal jugular line present 986
Right picc present 740
Right chest tube present 82
Right subclavian line present 49
Sternotomy wires present 195
Tracheostomy tube present 213